Here are some very nice things my clients have said about me.

Bear really helped me change my life. Before our work I felt frazzled and unproductive. I didn't know how to use my time in a way that felt satisfying. While we were working together I felt super empowered and really impressed with how quickly I saw results. I accomplished so much more during our sessions than I expected to in such a short amount of time. I recommend this work to anyone who is ready to take charge of their life and use their time fully and satisfyingly. Lark Malakai

Things literally starting to fall into place and improve after our FIRST session. I now have a roadmap towards working on my priorities and advice to guide me. Working with Bear is a super helpful way to sort out your priorities, work towards larger goals, and to implement real changes towards improving your daily life. Miriam Belblidia

I can’t say enough good things about working with Bear. I know I’m going to feel held and seen. And that I’m going to walk away feeling inspired and more in sync with the world around me. —Glynis Rumsey

Bear is loving, patient, and honest. I now have an understanding of what to do to reach my goals but with so much openness to the how the journey unfolds. I'm on a more productive, energized, and excited part of my journey. I can't wait to see where all of this takes me. Bear pushes in all the best ways. What an honor to work with them. —Angharad Hollingworth

Bear was great at balancing structured activities with my specific questions and needs, and combining these when possible. Our work felt systematic yet tailored and cohesive. Bear is good at pushing and probing without it being threatening; a gentle guide but challenging when it needs to be. —Jeanne Firth

Our work together also helped me stay focused on what I was trying to achieve and the ways I wanted to grow and why. The work is hard and you need to put your all into it to see benefits but it's so worth it. It's like therapy but better! —Sarah Rubbins-Breen

Working with Bear has yielded nothing short of a breakthrough. I'd been stuck and anxious around my writing for some time, and beyond that, I'd engrained some pretty unhelpful habits (you know, procrastination, negativity...the usual!). With their steady presence and clear guidance, I've learned to work incrementally, opened up space for more creativity in my life, and calmed down the wild thoughts! It's been transformative. —N.E.

In a moment where I was at a crossroads and in deep need of an outside perspective on my life, choosing to work with Bear was the best decision I could have made. The arc of our work together, from a radical re-imagining of my emotional and professional life to founding my own company, is a clear timeline of progress which has left me on doorstep of my new goals. I needed an outside eye to connect the dots that I wasn't able to. I made the choice to begin the work, and that choice has been reaffirmed over and over in the months since." —Jen Davis

I worked with Bear over the period of a few months during a very difficult time for myself. In many ways, I was stuck and crumbling, trying to find my bearings after being knocked off course. It was such a breath of fresh air to have Bear to help me problem-solve through the very muddy waters of trying to get my life together. They were such a grounding force for me, encouraging me to take things one step at a time to focus, direction, purpose, self love and forward momentum. —Keslie Box