Capitalism sucks. Let’s start there.

It’s making life harder for most people regardless of if you work a traditional 9-5 or if you’re a millennial freelancer. Being forced to trade your singular, precious life-hours in exchange for a wage is, in itself, a form of oppression, not to mention the many intersecting layers of marginalization many of us endure.

Lots of us have opted out of cubicle life in pursuit of something just a bit freer, with more flexibility and autonomy, albeit with less security and wayyyyy fewer of the bells and whistles that make more normative careers so seductive.

But somehow we’re still stuck in the same traps as before—never enough time, still not enough money. Our dreams about escaping the capitalist machine evaporate quickly for most self-employed folks. Online business gurus and law-of-attraction honchos peddle all the same tricks as their corporate counterparts.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe there’s a way to do business that doesn’t require replicating the same oppressive structures you were trying to escape in the first place.  


My name is Bear Hebert, and I’ve been in business since 2010. Over the last nine years, I’ve run into these same walls over and over again. I’ve asked myself these same questions: How do I make a living and still do right in the world? I developed this course out of years of my own experience and experiments in doing business differently. I made this for you because I want to give you hope--things can be different! AND I want to give you skills—here’s how!

You should know: All my work happens in an anti-oppressions framework. I recognize that capitalism is rooted in an interlocking system of white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism (and more). I’m actively looking at the intersections of power and privilege in the world and in myself and I’ll ask you to do the same.

I believe in a future in which money is no longer a barrier to survival, in which we all have equal access to joy and beauty and ease, regardless of our financial status. I believe in that world deeply, and I’m working every day to help get us there.

But before that visionary new world exists, we have to survive the current, flawed, oppressive, dangerous world of right now. In the meantime, we deserve to thrive. I believe we can mitigate the harm we cause along the way.

This three-part webinar series covers both the theory and practice of how to be in business in an anti-capitalist way. We look at internalized capitalist notions that we must unearth and undo, the ways those frequently show up in our businesses, and the visionary strategies that we might employ instead. The three parts build on one another, but each is also designed to be a stand-alone class. So sign up for the ones that interest you most, or take all three.

Part One: How To Set Your Rates

Hint: It has nothing to do with “what you’re worth.

May 23, 2019 (Replay available for purchase!)

Part Two: How To Make Your Work Financially Accessible

Enact alternative financial models without going broke.

June 20, 2019

Part Three: How To Stop Money-Worry (Forever)

It has less to do with dollars than you think.

Coming July 2019. Exact details TBA.

How To Set Your Rates   Click the image to purchase the replay!

How To Set Your Rates

Click the image to purchase the replay!

How To Make Your Work Financially Accessible   Class happens June 20, 2019.  Click the image to sign up now!

How To Make Your Work Financially Accessible

Class happens June 20, 2019.

Click the image to sign up now!

How To Stop Money-Worry (Forever)   Coming July 2019!

How To Stop Money-Worry (Forever)

Coming July 2019!