I’m Bear Hebert (they/them), and I’m a happy queer from south Louisiana trying to help us all get a little more free. I believe that relational work is real work, that emotional work is movement work. I orient my life around liberation.

I taught yoga for a decade before I saw how harmful it actually is to engage in that kind of casual appropriation. I finally realized that widespread societal approval doesn’t make something right or just or okay, so I quit, and if you’re white like me, I think you might should too.

Now I work with artists, activists, self-employed people and other freaks around how to build the world yet to come inside this (sometimes hellish, often beautiful) world that currently is. I do this through liberated life coaching and anti-capitalist business consulting. My side gig is teaching men+ how to undo patriarchally-conditioned bad behavior.

I think simplicity, connection, honesty and pleasure are pretty good paths towards a liberated future, and that with those, we’ve got a pretty good shot at some moments of liberation on the way there. Plants are my friends and nature is my god.

You can read more about my journey out of the yoga world OVER HERE.

More information about my work with men+ around patriarchy is RIGHT HERE.


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