You’re a fighter.

You are surviving and thriving in this world despite all the ways it drags you down.

You’re a feeler.

You’re grieving what’s been lost. You’re loving all we’ve found.

You’re a builder.

You know long hours and late nights. You get your hands dirty doing the work.

You’re a dreamer.

You have a vision for a new world and a new way of being.


Hi! I’m Bear Hebert, life coach for liberation, radical business consultant, and social justice educator.

I know these experiences personally because I have the heart of a fighter/feeler/builder/dreamer, too.

As a coach, consultant and teacher, here are some of the things I can help you with:

  • Self-love that’s rooted in collective care

  • Productivity that won’t kill your soul

  • Running a business without conceding to capitalism

  • Unlearning internalized systems of oppression

  • Changing the culture in our every day

  • Systematic liberation for us personally and culturally

  • Holding presence with the world as it is

  • Enacting visions for the world as it could be.


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