A vision for the future that lives within the present

This began as a diverting, a turning from.

What is no longer serving you?

What are the dying ways we must relinquish?

How must we untether ourselves from old ideas?

Ideas about self-reliance, self-sufficiency and independence.

Ideas of domination, possession and competition.

What grief must we, the visionaries, carry?

We are the way forward.

We who turn our backs on the way things are.

We who cannot keep pretending.

We who feel deeply these birthing pains of the new world coming.

This carries forth as a remembering, a turning towards.

What else might we see if we opened our eyes?

What is possible on the other side of the hill, the bend?

What happens when we turn the page?

Collaborative. Generative. Spacious. Easeful. Wind in the trees.

I can see it and smell it, because it’s not out there, somewhere in some unknown future.

We citizens of the now/future world, we can see it because we are making it.

We have glimpses of living within it.

Liberated moments.

And that tension, then, of being in the in-between.

Of accepting who you are at this moment and pushing gently towards change.

Of working within the limitations of the current systems and building new structures concurrently.

I hold a vision of life within the tension.

We live in the liminal. There is no way around it. This world is dying and a new one is being born and we are both mortician and mortal; mother and midwife.

My medicine is to hold you. To see you. To help you. I’m magical and practical, and probably, you are too. Alone you are enough. Together we are everything. Between all or nothing is where everything lives.

We are here for the dying.

We are here to smash the old world. We are here to march and organize and call and write. We are here to cry. We must cry. We are here to hold the pain of the death throes. We are here to get stronger, strong enough to push and push and keep pushing.

We are here for the birthing.

We are here to build this new world, using the scrap from the old. We are here to dance and eat and swim and kiss. We are here to notice. We are here to see the patterns and to unlearn them.

We are here to get quiet inside.

We are here to listen to the whispers of the new world’s secrets. We are here to transmute them into shouts and shimmers.

I am here for you.

We are here to be together.