You brilliant, wild, weird soul.

You have big dreams for yourself.

You have radical visions for the world.  

You’re actively divesting from the norms that are oppressive to you.

You want ways of working that don’t replicate the structural inequities you push against.

You know that a better world is possible, and in tiny ways and huge ones, you’re working towards making it a reality every day.


I’m a coach for people like you who are seeking individual and collective liberation with smarts and heart.

I work with activists, artists and other weirdos to find divergent paths to unconventional success.

I use a feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist lens to help you situate your personal actualization within a systemic context that accounts for the intersections of privilege and oppression.

Speaking of intersections, I'm a white, queer, genderqueer, able-bodied, working class woman from the Southern US. 


Together our work is in two parts: the practical and the magical.

The practical: what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. This is "hard skills" kind of work, ie setting priorities, managing your time, making progress, and maintaining habits.   

The magical: how to get out of your own way. This stuff is of the deep digging, soul-work variety, ie looking at self-sabotage and your inner dialogue.


10 sessions. 6 months. $900.

Sessions happen by phone or via Zoom (a free video calling app).

Long-term payment plans are available; no questions asked. If a payment plan is beyond your budget, we’ll get creative. I’ve been able to find a way to make it work with literally —everyone— who has wanted to do this work. Don’t let money be the thing that holds you back. #capitalismsucks


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