Sleepless nights pinned down by the weight of debt.

Fits of tears about yet another overdraft fee.

The constant thrum of low-grade anxiety. 

This is the emotional toll of living at the edge of scarcity.

But making more money doesn’t guarantee relief from money anxiety. Contrary to popular belief, even hyper-wealthy people worry about their financial stability.

Law of Attraction philosophies tell us that if we just had an “abundance mindset” that our money woes would disappear, but a social justice analysis sees straight through that kind of classist, victim-blaming malarkey. 

If making more money is not the answer, and neither is “manifesting wealth,” are we doomed to worry about money forever? 

We’re not. 

Is it possible for self-employed people to find financial stability without selling our souls to the six-figure capitalist machine? 

It is. 

FREELY, Part Three: How To be financially secure

This 90 minute webinar digs into the problems with standard “money mindset” advice and offers solutions that are oriented around justice and liberation. We’ll talk about how to internalize a sense of enough-ness without spiritual bypassing. Together, we’ll radically re-imagine what abundance and stability can look like. This class gives practical action steps for implementing real change in your daily life so you can get on with living, without always worrying about making a living. 

FREELY is one part pragmatic financial management and one part visionary economics.  

My name is Bear Hebert, and I’ve been in business since 2010. Over the last nine years, I’ve run into these same walls over and over again. I developed this course out of years of my own experience and experiments in doing business differently. I made this for you because I want to give you hope—things can be different! AND I want to give you skills—here’s how!

You should know: All my work happens in an anti-oppressions framework. I recognize that capitalism is rooted in an interlocking system of white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism (and more). I’m actively looking at the intersections of power and privilege in the world (and in myself) and I’ll ask you to do the same.

NOTE: This webinar is less focused on business than the prior two parts of Freely, and everyone with an interest in radical finances is welcome to attend. 

The Details

Freely, Part 3: How To Be Financially Secure

Thursday, August 15

1 pm Central Time


Scholarships are available for people of color and single parents, as needed, no questions asked. Message me at to claim one. Want to sponsor a scholarship? Venmo me $19 for each sponsored spot to @bearhebert

We meet online via Zoom.

Recording available if you can’t make it live!