Is it possible to keep your work financially accessible without going broke?

It is.

Are there anti-capitalist practices for selling your services that don’t require you to suffer along the way?

There are.

Can you make sure those who need your services can actually afford them but still manage to pay your bills?

You can.

FREELY, Part 2: How To make Your Work Financially Accessible

This 90-minute webinar digs into a myriad of models for keeping your work financially accessible. (Going broke isn’t one of them!)

We cover best practices for how to use sliding scale, barter, scholarships, payment plans and many other approaches. We’ll look at what keeps alternative pricing models from succeeding, strategies for overcoming those barriers, and why we keep replicating capitalist practices inside our businesses despite our best intentions.  Missed Part One? Find it over here!

FREELY is one part pragmatic business management and one part visionary economics.  

My name is Bear Hebert, and I’ve been in business since 2010. Over the last nine years, I’ve run into these same walls over and over again. I developed this course out of years of my own experience and experiments in doing business differently. I made this for you because I want to give you hope—things can be different! AND I want to give you skills—here’s how!

You should know: All my work happens in an anti-oppressions framework. I recognize that capitalism is rooted in an interlocking system of white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism (and more). I’m actively looking at the intersections of power and privilege in the world (and in myself) and I’ll ask you to do the same.

Yes, the irony of charging money to teach “anti-capitalist” business practices isn’t lost on me. I’ll talk honestly about my own business practices and how I make sense of it all in the webinar as well. Because yes, I want to help people, and I also want to get paid.

I believe in a post-capitalist future in which money is no longer a barrier to survival. In the meantime, I’m teaching us how to thrive in the capitalist world we all inhabit. Our businesses can be a tool to move us away from oppressive capitalist norms instead of replicating them, but only if we know what they are and how we’re enacting them. We can build that world right now, every day, inside our existing businesses.

Every transaction is an opportunity to build a visionary economy.

The Details

Freely, Part 2: How To Make Your Work Financially Accessible

Thursday, June 20

1 pm Central Time


Scholarships are available for people of color and single parents, as needed. Message me at! Want to sponsor a scholarship? Venmo me $19 for each sponsored spot to @bearhebert

We meet online via Zoom.

Recording available if you can’t make it live!