What should you charge for your services?

How much can you charge and still consider yourself fair and equitable?

These are ever-present questions for most entrepreneurs who care about justice. You know you’re here to help and serve your clients, so how do you do that in way they can afford that still lets you pay the bills? How do you “charge what you’re worth” but still keep your work financially accessible? These questions aren’t fun, and they make most of us pretty squirmy.

FREELY, PART 1: how to price your work

In this 90 minute webinar, I teach a clear framework for understanding why charging “what you’re worth” doesn’t work, and offer a direct formula for how to price your work instead. The framework and formula will alleviate doubt about what you’re charging, and make conversations with clients (and potential clients!) about what you charge infinitely easier.

You don’t have to work for free to get free of oppressive capitalist structures in your business.

My name is Bear Hebert, and I’ve been in business since 2010. Over the last nine years, I’ve run into these same walls over and over again. I’ve asked myself these same questions: How do I make a living and still do right in the world? I developed this course out of years of my own experience and experiments in doing business differently. I made this for you because I want to give you hope—things can be different! AND I want to give you skills—here’s how!

You should know: All my work happens in an anti-oppressions framework. I recognize that capitalism is rooted in an interlocking system of white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism (and more). I’m actively looking at the intersections of power and privilege in the world and in myself and I’ll ask you to do the same.

Yes, the irony of me charging money to teach “anti-capitalist” business practices isn’t lost on me. I’ll talk honestly about my own business practices and how I make sense of it all in the webinar as well. Because yes, I want to help people, and yes, I also want to get paid.

I believe in a post-capitalist future in which money is no longer a barrier to survival, and in the meantime, I’m teaching us how to thrive in the capitalist world we all inhabit.

The Details

FREELY, Part 1: How To Price Your Work


This is a digital download with the link to the recorded 90-minute webinar.